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    The Department of Public Works has five major areas of responsibility: sanitation, streets and roads, storm drains, parks and playgrounds and public buildings. A brief description of these various services and responsibilities of this Department follows:

    Questions: 609-272-6950

    Effective March 18, 2013, the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) will begin picking up trash and bulk waste.  All collection routes will remain the same.  The following provisions apply to all collection:

    • Place items out the night before they are scheduled to be picked up or by 7:00 a.m. on collection day.
    • Place all items curbside in full view, avoiding parked cars, and at least ten feet from recyclables.
    • Limit 40-Gallon Bag or Container acceptable.
    • Limit 50 lbs. per container, bag or item.
    • Do NOT use boxes for containers- Recycle flattened boxes with mixed "single stream" recycling
    • Any container out for garbage containing recyclables will be left!
    • Bulk Trash Examples: Furniture, wood waste, textiles, mattress, carpeting (must be cut to 4ft. rolls, 50 lbs. per roll, and tied), and other large items of waste material excluding construction & demolition debris.  Please place bulk items out on your regularly scheduled collection day.  Bulk items are limited to two (2) per trash day.
    • Items such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners require a hazardous handling fee of $15.00 to be paid to the City Clerk prior to collection and will be picked up by the Linwood Public Works Department.
    • For gas, pesticides, paint, driveway sealer and other such household hazardous wastes call Atlantic County Utilities Authority 272-6950 or go to
    • Please avoid calling about missed items until 9:00 am in most instances, the problem can be rectified promptly.
    • If the collection day falls on a national (Federal) holiday, the collections will be performed as scheduled with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.  When a regular collection day falls on a holiday (or a weather related emergency), containers shall be put out the next regular collection day for example: Monday is a holiday put trash out on Tuesday, if the holiday falls on Friday put your trash out the following Monday. Go to for weather related collection advisories.
    • Electronic Waste:   The ACUA does not accept electronics, such as computers, laptops, monitors, and televisions.   Linwood Public Works will collect these items at the curb and dispose of them in accordance with the law by calling 609-926-7994.  Additional local disposal options can be found on the following link,

    Questions: 609-926-7994

    The Department maintains approximately 55 miles of streets within the City.There is a County road and a State road within the City, which the Department does NOT maintain. The County road is Shore road and the State road is New road.

    • Street and Traffic Signs: Working closely with the Police Department installing and maintaining all street and traffic signs on township roads.
    • Paving: Paving projects are prioritized within the engineering committee and the finance committee which then is sent to Mayor & Council for approval.
    • Sweeping City Roads: Approximately 55 miles of City roads are swept at least once each year, weather permitting.
    • Potholes: Potholes occur from freezing and thawing conditions and are filled as quickly as possible. Residents phone calls reporting potholes are welcomed.
    • Snow Plowing: Snowplows are dispatched when snow has accumulated to three (3) inches. Working in conjunction with county and state vehicles, all main roads within the City are plowed first, insuring the passage of emergency vehicles. Secondary roads are plowed after main roads have been plowed. Please remove vehicles and portable basketball nets from
      the streets where possible to facilitate snow plowing.

    Questions: 609-926-7994

    • Leaves: Leaf recycling takes place once year on all City streets. The Fall collection takes place the second week of November till the third week of December. We begin in the north end of the City and work south. We do (3) collections from all streets during the fall. The exact day collection will take place on any individual street is not possible to determine and depends on the volume of leaves being collected.
    • Yard waste collection is provided by Atlantic County Utilities Authority, collections are made on Saturday a schedule is mailed to every resident. If you did not receive one you can contact PW and we will supply you one. If you have any questions about this service you can contact ACUA at 272-6960.

    Questions: 609-926-7994

    • The Department maintains approximately 520 storm basin inlets and 37 outfall lines. These basins and lines are cleaned on a on-going preventative maintenance program. During rain and snowstorms, catch basin inlets are kept clear of any debris to insure optimum performance of the drainage system. All we ask of our residents is to use the trash and recycling containers
      we have placed all around our town.Using these containers will help us keep these basins and lines free from blockages and poor drainage. In the event of a storm basin or line backup on your street call the Department of Public Works.

    Questions: 609-926-7994

    • The Department takes care of one playground, ten sports fields and two parks and play equipment are maintained on a daily basis, with the major emphasis being directed toward the summer months.


    • In the event of any emergency during other then regular working hours, a phone call to the Police Department (927-5252) will get a member of this department for assistance in an emergency situation.

    Linwood Public Works Department