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400 Poplar Avenue
New Jersey
United States
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  • Linwood Fire Department

    750 Lincoln Avenue
    Linwood, New Jersey 08221

    EMERGENCY: 9-1-1
    NON-EMERGENCY Fire Department Business Phone: (609) 927-6611

    If you are reporting any type of incident that may require a fire department response please call 9-1-1.

    The Linwood Fire Department is a combination fire department (Career & Volunteer personnel) consisting of three full-full time Career Firefighters and 6 part-time career personnel and approximately 25 Volunteer Members.

    The Linwood Fire Department Currently houses 1 110’ Ariel Ladder, 2 Pumpers, 1 Utility Truck and a Chiefs Car.


    Chief: Martin Walley

    Deputy Chief: David Buzby

    Captain: Ronald DiGiovanni

    Lieutenant: Jackson Longnecker  


    President – Wayne Dilks

    Vice President – Joseph McCauley

    Treasurer – Thomas Shields

    Secretary – Lathan Irwin


    Captain Jay Loder

    Firefighter Frank Gabriel

    Firefighter Greg Coderre


    Firefighter Charles Wiel

    Firefighter Mike Otaegui

    Firefighter Stephen Kroger Jr.

    Firefighter Thomas Flynn III

    Firefighter Tyler Odenath


    Linwood Fire Department Needs You!
Now accepting New Members
FREE training
Pay to run stipend program
Path to a career in emergency services
Email -
Call or Text - 609-437-6995


    We are actively recruiting new members to join the ranks of our dedicated department. By joining, you will make lifelong friendships and connections, help serve your community, get unique and rewarding life experiences, and over time gain a wide variety of knowledge in many areas, including firefighting, building construction, vehicle extrication, rescue operations and much more. If you have any interest in joining our team, please reach out to us. We will answer any questions you have.

    For information about joining please call or text (609) 437-6995 or E-Mail:

    Volunteer Application (Updated 9-8-23)