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400 Poplar Avenue
New Jersey
United States
  • +1 (609) 927-4108 work
  • Finance


    Includes budget and audit reports.

    Anthony Strazzeri, Chief Financial Officer

    400 Poplar Avenue
    Linwood, New Jersey 08221

    Phone: (609) 926-7974  OR  (609) 926-7996
    Fax: 609-653-2730

    Office Hours: Monday- Friday, 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

    The Finance Department receives and expends all of the funds for the City that is anticipated in each year’s budget, along with any capital or bond ordinances. The Governing Body must adopt a resolution at each Council meeting approving the bill list for the period.

    All payrolls, pensions, employee/health/dental/life insurances are handled by the Finance office along with the creation of all purchase orders for each department. A vendor with any questions concerning payment may contact the Finance Office at the above telephone number.

    All W2’s and 1099’s are mailed by January 31 of each year. Any W-9 issued to a vendor must be returned as soon as possible according to law. Name and Federal ID number on the W-9 must match exactly with that listed with the IRS.