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400 Poplar Avenue
New Jersey
United States
  • +1 (609) 927-4108 work
  • Recreation Board

    City Hall 
    The Recreation Board meets the third Wednesday of each month in City Hall at 7:30 PM.

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    Members:  Mayoral Appointment Term Term Expiration Date
    Michael Allen 5 Years 12/31/2022
    Josiah Bunting 5 Years 12/31/2024
    Carolyn Kollman 4 Years 12/31/2025
    J. Timothy Longnecker 5 Years 12/31/2021
    Chad Meyers 5 Years 12/31/2025
    Talia Preissman 5 Years 12/31/2022
    Howard Rush 5 Years 12/31/2023

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