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  • Real Time Tide Gauge Information - Flood Protection

    There are two major types of tide gauges: those that measure water levels in real time (known as harmonic stations), and those that extrapolate water levels based on a harmonic/reference station (known as a subordinate station). The nearest active harmonic station to Linwood is in Atlantic City. Ocean-side subordinate stations are found in Longport and Ventnor, while bay-side subordinate stations are found in Egg Harbor Township, Pleasantville, and  along the Patcong Creek. Due to Linwood’s location on the bay, the bayside stations are most useful for those interested in tide forecasts for the City. Links for these tide stations are below:


    This image shows current water levels, predicted tides, air pressure, and air/water temperature for the harmonic tide gauge nearest to Linwood in Atlantic City. Note that these conditions will likely be different in Linwood due to the distance from Atlantic City and the gauge’s location on the Ocean and not the bay.

    Example 1

    Example 2

    Example 3
    For comparison purposes, this graph shows water levels in the days before and after Superstorm Sandy. Note that the predicted high tide on October 29th was the height of the low-tide due to flooding conditions from Sandy.