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  • Emergency Information - Flood Protection Information

    Detailed information about emergency preparedness and response can be found on . The Atlantic County Office of Emergency Preparedness maintains the website, which provides an array of resources such as opportunities to enroll in notification systems, shelter information, and emergency checklists.

    The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management has created a Coastal Evacuation Route map for the counties of New Jersey. Its evacuation route map of Atlantic County.

    There are two evacuation routes that run through Linwood. These routes include:

    1. Shore Road/CR-585, which runs south to Somers Point and north to Northfield and Pleasantville
    2. Ocean Heights Ave/CR-559 Alt., which runs east/west from the Linwood/Somers Point border to Hamilton Township

    Planning an evacuation route as well as rendezvous point out of the flood area in advance can be a life-saving measure. Know the routes nearest to your house, and pick a landmark away from the hazard area to meet with other members of your household in the event that you are separated during the evacuation process.